Hi, my name is Ray!

I'm a user experience designer in Orange County, CA. I spend my days designing for the University of California, Irvine, working with a talented and dedicated team to create new and innovative tools to support teaching and learning, and my nights playing video games (you can randomly find me streaming over on Twitch.tv), hanging out at Disneyland with my partner, watching TV with our cat, or playing board games (Battlestar Galactica and Eclipse are faves) with friends.

Learn more about what I work on over on Projects, check out my UX/UI blog (with exciting posts about the work I do for UCI), or read on to learn more! I'm also working on a design for a side project, Roll for Initiative.

My Process

I am a strong advocate for involving our users in some form from the start of any project, from making sure that any proposed updates are grounded in an actual need, meeting with our users to discuss their ideas and concerns, and testing out any potential solutions to validate our solutions before we commit code-time to implementation.


I prefer to start projects by researching the problem space and identifying what the actual problem is. 

Tools & Techniques: Reviewing support emails, talking to clients, watching them work (contextual observations), checking out analytics and other stats, and competitive analysis.

Interaction design

After chatting with clients, I work to come up with a high-level workflow that will accomplish their needs. This usually ends up being task flows, user stories, and wireframes to help demonstrate possible solutions.

All of this is validated via review with the original users, our support team, and other potential users of the solution.

Tools & Techniques: OmniGraffle, Balsamiq, whiteboards, pen & paper, Invision

Interface design

After figuring out interactions, I move into the interface design. Contrary to popular belief, this is a lot more than just "making it pretty" -- its making sure that all the elements coexist peacefully on a page or within a modal, so that nothing sticks out like a sore thumb.

Tools & Techniques: Sketch, Invision, our style guide

Development support

After all the pre-development UX work is complete, the design assets are provided to the team for implementation. I work with our talented programmers to ensure that the solution is implemented in accordance with the design parameters.

Tools & Techniques: Customized Bootstrap CSS, our style guide, design review, code samples

Samples of my work

Blog Entries

  • UX/UI Blog
  • EEE Scout: form creation & response gathering) (available late summer 2014)
  • EaterEvals: instructor evaluation results for UC Irvine
  • EEEUCI's course management system
  • UC RecruitUC's academic employee recruitment system