Hi, my name is Ray!

I'm a user experience designer in Orange County, CA. I spend my days designing for the University of California, Irvine, working with a talented and dedicated team to create new and innovative tools to support teaching and learning, and my nights playing video games (you can randomly find me streaming over on Twitch.tv), hanging out at Disneyland with my partner, watching TV with our cat, or playing board games (currently playing: Star Wars: Armada) with friends.

I am a strong advocate for involving our users in some form from the start of any project, from making sure that any proposed updates are grounded in an actual need, meeting with our users to discuss their ideas and concerns, and testing out any potential solutions to validate our solutions before we commit code-time to implementation.

Learn more about what I work on over on Projects, check out my UX/UI blog (with exciting posts about the work I do for UCI), or read on to learn more! I'm also working on a design for a side project, Roll for Initiative.


SelfAssess »
Teachers, TAs, and staff will use SelfAssess to gather anonymous feedback about their teaching & instructional activities. Currently in ideation/early design.

Canvas RapidReturn »
Online bulk file return system for handling exams and other content submitted on paper by students

BigPurpleDot »
Real estate CRM, lead management (freelance UX/UI design)

Excellence in Research
Students self-submit research for an Excellence in Research award; these submissions are reviewed by a faculty committee. This new web app moves an intensive manual process online.

Used by teachers to create and administer course spaces for their classes each quarter in the campus learning management system. Also provides tools for support team to help these teachers out.

Anybody at UCI can use EEE Scout to build forms, gather submissions, and review results.

Other projects

User research • Interaction design • Interface design • Development support

Samples of my work

Blog Entries

  • UX/UI Blog
  • EEE Scout: form creation & response gathering) (available late summer 2014)
  • EaterEvals: instructor evaluation results for UC Irvine
  • EEEUCI's course management system
  • UC RecruitUC's academic employee recruitment system