Hi, my name is Ray!

I'm a user experience designer in Orange County, CA. I spend my days designing for the University of California, Irvine, working with a talented and dedicated team to create new and innovative tools to support teaching and learning, and my nights playing video games (you can randomly find me streaming over on Twitch.tv), hanging out at Disneyland with my partner, watching TV with our cat, or playing board games (Battlestar Galactica and Eclipse are faves) with friends.

Learn more about what I work on over on Projects, check out my UX/UI blog (with exciting posts about the work I do for UCI), or read on to learn more! I'm also working on a design for a side project, Roll for Initiative.


Interaction design

My interaction design activities involving crafting and validating workflows for a variety of business practices for both our academic personnel and learning management systems. After extensive user interviews, I create draft workflows with our team on a whiteboard, mockup wireframes in Balsamiq and OmniGraffle, create interactive prototypes either by hand or in Axure RP.

An important component here is usability testing and validation throughout the process via meetings with our stakeholders and clients.


Interface design

As the interface designer, I ensure that our applications are visually attractive, consistent, and clear. My primary tool for conveying designs to our developers is OmniGraffle, along with in-person design reviews and collaborative development.

I also create draft states directly using HTML and CSS/SCSS/LESS, and make UI updates for our PHP and Ruby on Rails web apps.

Samples of my work

Blog Entries